Get ready to step into my exciting life. Watch that first step it's a quite a drop.

See it's been a whole year since I've written anything new about myself...and that my friends is just how boring I really am. I told you!

Anyway I am now a freshmen in college and as of April 20,2000 I am eighteen. According to the laws of the United States, and the state of Maine where I live I am old enough to vote (which I did), and smoke (which I do not plan on doing). As you can see from above I am horrible at spelling, grammar, and punct...punctua...commas and stuff, I write long drawn out sentences, because that is the way I talk and because that is the way I talk I have a wonderful lungs that can fit lots of air in them.

What does this have to do with anything you ask? And I can sense you asking that. Well, that has a lot to do with my favorite past time besides watching the X-Files. I love to sing! I sing all the time. Literally I am humming as I write this. And I am not one of those tone deaf people who can't carry a tune in a bucket. I actually have some ability and can sing on pitch.

Now your wondering how I would know I was singing on pitch if I was tone deaf. Most tone deaf people have no idea they are off hence the word deaf.

Well since most of you will never hear me sing you'll just have to take my word for it.

Anyway, I am attending college here in Maine and am majoring in Secondary Education English. I want to work for the DOD as a teacher, traveling around the world teaching on military bases. I hope to fall in love with a handsome military man, have lots of babies, and own lots of cats. :-)

And that would be me. Wow huh?

My likes and Dislikes

The X-files (what a shocking bit of news huh?)
Little kids (infact as you read, I want to be a teacher)
Dogs ( Lambert and Puppis)
Wolves (no I don't have any of those)
Musicals (I know I know, but I do. Ragtime, and Rent as well as Les Miserables are my favorites right now.)
Disney movies
Freddie Prinze Jr. (I like to look at him.)
Anything Romatic 'cause I'm a big sap.

prejudice people
soap operas (talk about brainless, sorry to those who like them)
okay bugs in general although I like caterpillars

Well, that's about it. Aren't you so glad you just spent 10 minutes of you life reading this usless information about a person you don't know, who is completely unintresting? Back to my page.: