The X-Files is eXtraordinary!!!!

The X-Files is the best show ever created, and I dedicate this page to the show and all that created it. If you can't tell I really want Mulder nd Scully to get together so this page does have some pictures and links centered on that, if your intrested. This page is full of links and pictures that I hope you will enjoy. A small reminder, the page is always changing so come back soon. :-)

Oh and to be safe, all pictures and what not on this page belongs to Fox and the production company Ten-Thirteen.

You are X-Phile number to visit my page !!!!
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Links to other great X-Files pages!!!

David Duchovny Archive
Over 1000 pictures of David Duchovny, among other things, but who really cares about the other things. :-)
The X-Files
This site has games, an on-line store, pictures, etc......
Series Index
The name kind of speaks for it's self.
The X-Files
The official movie web site.
Index of The X-Files International Web Ring
This page has 574 links to other X-Files weg sites on it.
My Totally Devoted X-Files Page!!
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The X-Files Alphabet Book
All you need to know about The X-Files.
The X-Files movie
Has the whole script and almost all the movie scences in pictures. So if you haven't seen the movie yet don't go here, unless you want to ruin the ending for yourself. If you've seen it relive it.
The X-Files Inside Jokes List
How many times have the 3s 10:13 showed up in the 5 seasons of the show. How many times does Mulder brush Scully off when she asks where he's going. Find out here.
The Official X-Files site.
Need I say more?
The X-Files Adventure
A site where you become Special Agent Fox Mulder to solve a case. There's only one case avaliable right now. More coming soon.
Dimension X- X-Files wavs
Lots of wavs. Lots and lots of wavs.
The 'Shippers Site of Worship
A site dedicated to Mulder and Scully getting together.
Theme World
Ten X-Files themes for your computer.

Well that's about it!

All that's left are three pictures. I hope to add wavs to this page later on if ever I learn how to do it.:-) If you know how tell me in the guest book, please. Well I hope you liked my page. Visit again soon